LSAT India Exam Pattern 2024: Exam Mode, Duration, Marking Scheme

LSAT India Exam Pattern: The LSAT India 2024 is a standardized Verbal Reasoning and Reading Skills examination developed by the LSAC for applicants seeking admission to Indian law schools, institutes, and colleges. Every year, before the exam, the organizing body, Pearson VUE, releases the LSAT India 2024 Exam Pattern.

The applicant will learn the structure and format of the exam by consulting the LSAT India exam pattern 2024, which will be very useful in preparing for the LSAT India exam. The test will be conducted in an online, remote proctored mode using a computer, and the question paper will have four sections, according to the LSAT India 2024 exam pattern.

The ‘variable section’ has also been removed from the LSAT India 2024 question paper by the council. The LSAC had previously added a ‘Variable’ section to the exam paper and increased the time limit by 35 minutes. It has, however, revised the pattern and removed the section. The exam is now 2 hours and 20 minutes long, with four sections based on three subjects.

  • In LSAT 2024, a variable section was added, with 23 unidentifiable questions that could come from any of the four sections.
  • Variable questions are not included in the updated LSAT paper pattern.
  • Each correct answer will receive a +1 mark. In the LSAT 2024 Exam, there is no negative marking.
  • The paper will take 2 hours and 20 minutes to complete (140 minutes).
  • The LSAT 2024 paper is divided into four sections. All sections have a 35-minute time limit.

LSAT India will have a total of 92 questions, including Reading Comprehension. It’s a good idea to do as many LSAT Practice Papers as you can. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in the final product.

LSAT India 2024 Exam Pattern Important highlights

The LSAT India 2024 exam is divided into three sections: one is Reading Comprehension, the second is Analytical Reasoning, and the third is Logical Reasoning, which is divided into two sections. All questions in the LSAT India exams are multiple-choice questions, with some having four and others having five options. On the scanned answer sheet, you’ll find the answers to these questions.

The main features of the upcoming LSAT India exam are as under:

Mode of ExamRemotely proctored Test(An invigilator will be connected to you via audio and video)
Duration of Exam140 minutes
Medium of ExamEnglish
Question-TypeObjective-type questions 
Parts of subjectFour sections based on three subjects:
Analytical Reasoning
Logical Reasoning – 1
Logical Reasoning – 2
Reading Comprehension
Maximum Question92 MCQs
Maximum MarksOn a scale of 420-480 score band and percentile 

LSAT India 2024 Sectional Weightage

Earlier, the section-wise questions allotment was not defined but now the new pattern and weightage of LSAT India will be as under: 

Sections of LSAT India paperQuestion per sectionTime allotted per section
Analytical Reasoning2335 minutes
Logical Reasoning – 12235 minutes
Logical Reasoning – 22335 minutes
Reading Comprehension2435 minutes
Total92 questions2 hours 20 minutes

LSAT India 2024 Exam Pattern

The LSAT India 2024 will be carried in online, remote proctored mode, given the current pandemic situation. Because there are sectional time limits, one must pace the exam in such a way that they are able to complete all of the sections. Before applying for the LSAT India Exam, applicants should familiarise themselves with the exam pattern. The LSAT entrance exam follows a procedure that is almost identical to that of an international competitive exam. However, there are differences in the way questions are divided and the amount of time allotted to each section.

It’s worth noting that even if you’ve finished all of the sections and have some time left, you won’t be able to go back and answer questions from another section.
The exam conducting body has the authority to change some or all parts of the LSAT India 2024 exam pattern, so applicants should keep this in mind as they prepare for the exam.

Mode of exam

  • The exam is administered in pen and paper format by LSAT INDIA.
  • Applicants who want to take the exam from home will not be able to do so using the online mode.
  • It is mandatory for applicants to appear for the exam at the designated center.
  • It isn’t a computer-based admissions test.

Duration of exam

  • The exam will last 2 hours and 20 minutes in total.
  • There is time allotted for each section of the paper because it is divided into sections.
  • Applicants should devote 35 minutes to each section.
  • It is critical to spend equal time on each section in order to achieve a high overall score on the exam.

Type of questions

  • The questions are objective and to the point, because this is not a subjective paper.
  • Multiple choice questions compensate for the LSAT INDIA Exam Pattern.
  • All of the questions are closed-ended.
  • The question pattern ensures that all of the sections are adequately covered.

Distribution of Section

  • The LSAT INDIA questionnaire is divided into four parts.
  • The first section focuses on critical thinking.
  • Logical reasoning is covered in the second and third sections.
  • Reading comprehension is covered in the final section.
  • LSAT INDIA Exam Pattern’s main goal is to ensure that applicants are capable of reading, comprehending, understanding, logically analyzing, and interpreting information.

Documents to Carry to Exam Hall

The following documents must be carried by the student to the exam hall on the day of the LSAT 2024 exam:

  1. LSAT India admit card 2024
  2. A valid photo id proof

Documents are Accepted as Valid Photo ID Proof

These are the valid photo id proof that can be used as per the above aforementioned.

UIDAI / Aadhaar CardPassport
PAN CardElection Card / Voter ID
Driver’s LicenseSC/ ST Certificate with a photograph
Military ID / Government-issued Armed Forces Dependent ID containing a photograph of the test-takerPhoto Identity (Issued by School, College, or University)
If the candidate does not possess any of the documents mentioned above, then the candidate can be allowed to take the test upon presentation of any two of the following.Original admit card issued by University/Board for standard twelfth (XII) examination with an affixed photograph.
Tenth pass certificate/mark sheet that has the date of birth on it.Employee ID containing photograph and signature.

LSAT India 2024 Marking Scheme

Although the exact mark distribution per question is unknown, it can be assumed that each question is worth one to three points.  According to the new LSAT India pattern, each correctly answered question will be added to applicants’ total scores, which will now be graded on a scale of 420 to 480. However, there is no negative marking for incorrect questions, which means that if applicants mark the wrong option on the OMR sheet, no marks will be deducted.

There is no negative marking included in this competitive exam. This aids applicants in achieving high scores in the areas where they are most confident. There are four sections, each of which has 22-24 questions (approx.). A chart with section details, as well as the marking strategy and time allotment, is shown below.

SectionNumber of QuestionsDuration(in minutes)
Analytical Reasoning2335
Logical Reasoning (1)2235
Logical Reasoning (2)2335
Reading Comprehension2435
Total922 hours 20 minutes

LSAT India Exam Pattern 2024 FAQs

Is the exam pattern of LSAT India 2024 changed?

Yes, the exam pattern had been changed previously, and a new section and exam duration had been added. LSAC Global later reversed the changes, and the exam pattern is now the same as before.

Is there a sectional-time limit in LSAT India 2024?

Yes, each part will be 35 minutes in length.

What new section has been added to LSAT India 2024 pattern?

The exam authority added a new section called ‘Variable,’ which contains questions from all three sections mixed together. However, because the exam will be conducted in a home-based online mode, it has been removed from the question paper.

What type of questions will be asked in LSAT India 2024?

Each section will include multiple-choice questions designed to assess the test-takers’ logical aptitude, cognitive skills, and decision-making abilities.

What are the main subjects of LSAT India 2024?

Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning are the three main subjects in the LSAT India.

What is the marking scheme of LSAT India 2024?

LSAC India has not specified a marking scheme, so scoring will be done on a scale of 420-480.

What is sectional weightage for LSAT India 2024?

There will be a different number of questions in each section, for example, Analytical Reasoning will have 23 questions, LR 1 will have 22 questions, LR 2 will have 23 questions, and RC will have 24 questions.

What is the scoring method of LSAT India 2024?

The applicants’ scores will be calculated based on their correct attempts. For incorrect attempts, no marks will be deducted.

How is Logical Reasoning 1 different from LR 2?

Both sections will include logic-based questions, but LR 1 will focus on applicants’ ability to analyze, critically evaluate, and complete arguments using logical reasoning questions based on passages (comprehension or legal). Applicants will be tested on statement-conclusion reasoning, analogy reasoning, determining how additional evidence affects an argument, applying principles or rules, and identifying argument flaws, among other things.

What is the duration of each section in LSAT India 2024?

The exam will last 2 hours and 20 minutes in total, with each section having a 35-minute time limit.

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