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MPPSC Preparation Tips: Key Strategy for Written Test & Interview

MPPSC Preparation Tips: The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission will hold a recruitment drive for 283 vacancies in various positions, with the deadline for submitting an MPPSC application being February 9, 2022. The exam is scheduled for April 24, 2022, so there isn’t much time for candidates to prepare. As a result, we have provided some MPPSC Exam Preparation Tips for both the preliminary and mains examinations, which may be useful while studying for the MPPSC Exam. Continue reading to learn about different ways to prepare for the MPPSC exam 2022.

MPPSC Preparation Strategy Overview

MPSC conducts the MP PCS exam in three stages:

  1. Preliminary exam
  2. Mains
  3. Personality interview

With the right strategy, one can achieve good results without wasting time reading irrelevant data or relying on incorrect sources during preparation.

Before choosing the best books for the MPPCS Exam, applicants should understand and learn the MPPCS Syllabus. The MPPCS exam focuses more on factual rather than conceptual information.

Some questions about the cause or background of an event are asked in an indirect manner. Current events play an important role in the MPPCS exam, so candidates should pay close attention to both national and state-level current affairs topics.

  • The questions range in difficulty from easy to difficult.
  • You should prepare a strategy before sitting for any exam because it will direct you in the right direction and help you prepare well during the preparation period without becoming confused or lost. and we’ll go over all of the MPPSC PCS preparation tips and strategies that can help you pass the exam.

Be prepared from the first day of your MPPCS exam preparation so that you never lose hope and can begin planning your bright future.

How to prepare for MPPSC 2022?

With such fierce competition, having the right strategy and study material is crucial when preparing for the MPPSC Exam. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to get started on your MPPSC preparation as quickly as possible. PCS exams are held by the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission for various positions in the state services. Every year, more than 3 lakh applications are received for the MPPSC exam, which is the most prestigious exam for government service in the state of MP. Given the low number of vacancies, candidates can use some of the MPPSC Preparation tips listed below to help them prepare for the exam.

Candidates must first understand the MPPSC exam pattern and then cover the entire MPPSC syllabus in the shortest amount of time possible before beginning their revision. Some preparation tips are provided below to assist with MPPSC Syllabus and to kickstart your revision for the MPPSC exam.

Understanding the MPPSC 2022 Exam Pattern

To ace each stage of the exam, one must begin early preparations with a well-organized plan and specific goals in mind. The preliminary exam, which is administered as an objective nature question and answer paper, is the first stage. Before beginning their preparations, candidates must ensure that they have acquired all necessary learning elements.

There are two papers in the MPPSC preliminary exam. The Prelims Exam is of the Objective type.

  • Current affairs, history, geography, economy, Indian polity, environmental and ecological concepts, and general science are among the subjects covered in General Studies-I. GK MP.
  • Aptitude, Hindi, and English are among the subjects covered in General Studies-II. It’s a qualifying exam, and you’ll need a score of at least 40% to pass.
  • Both papers are worth 200 points and take two hours to complete.
  • There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

MPPSC Prelims Pattern 2022

Paper Subject Marks Duration of exam
Paper-1 General Studies-I 200 2 hours
Paper-2 General Studies-II 200 2 hours

MPPSC PCS Exam Preparation Tips

  • In order to have a better understanding of the current issues that are trending, a timeline is being prepared.
  • Learn the material on the syllabus and commit it to memory so that you can identify the subjects that require your attention.
  • You Can Never Go Wrong with the Fundamentals. The preliminary examination for the MPPSC places a significant emphasis on fundamental ideas. Keep all of the information you need close at hand because a significant portion of the paper will be devoted to general knowledge that is not dynamic.
  • Candidates should highlight the most important points on flashcards that they prepare while studying for the examination.
  • You are required to make short notes on each topic, and you are also responsible for preparing short notes organised by topic. Because of this, you will have a superior option to study, and the materials should be written in your language so that you can comprehend them with relative ease. When it comes time to study for your exam or review, the notes will be helpful to you.
  • Never give up hope, and make sure to give yourself a test after you finish each chapter. This test will help you determine how well your studies have prepared you. You will receive feedback on what you have done since you started preparing for the Exam through the use of this test.
  • When studying history, it is important to place an emphasis on social, economic, and political issues. Also, place an emphasis on the movement for national independence, particularly during the time of Gandhi, as well as the history of the state of MP.
  • Concentrate on the topics of Indian Economy, Physical Geography, and MP Geography because you will likely be asked many questions based on these subjects.
  • In order to perform well on questions relating to Indian politics, many candidates will read the Indian Constitution. In addition to this, you should place a high priority on the political system as well as the most recent developments. Within the context of the environmental section, the data and facts play an extremely significant role. Reading the textbooks provided by the NCERT can be beneficial for the Science section.
  • In addition, a candidate is responsible for ensuring that they have achieved at least a 40 percent score on the CSAT (or a 30 percent score if they are from an OBC, SC, ST, or handicapped category), so their preparation should reflect this.
  • Take note that the GS Paper-I will not even be evaluated if you do not achieve a score of at least 40 percent on the GS Paper-II.

MPPSC 2022 Subject-wise Preparation Tips

In terms of the syllabus and subjects covered, the State Civil Service exam is very similar to the National Civil Service exam. The only minor difference is that state-based questions are asked more frequently on the question paper. The following are the various subjects that are important for the exam, as well as general preparation tips:


This subject is further divided into three parts:

  1. Ancient
  2. Medieval
  3. Modern

When compared to other State Civil Service exams and the IAS, the syllabus is nearly identical. As a result, it is recommended that you go over the NCERT books thoroughly. Students can also consult the state books later.

There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for History.

  • Make a list of important dates and events on a sheet.
  • It helps a lot to write things down in chronological order when it comes to resurfacing.
  • Follow the NCERTs for Ancient and Medieval History.
  • Apart from NCERT Spectrum, Rajiv Ahir’s Modern may also be useful.

Indian and World Geography

Geography is divided into two categories: physical and human. An aspirant should read NCERT books on a regular basis to gain a thorough understanding. Reading newspapers can also help a lot with this.

Indian Polity

Subjects such as Parliament, State and Central Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, Legislative Bills in the News or Debate, Election Commission, and others are given weight. M. Laxmikant’s book Indian Polity is a good place to start if you want to learn more about the subject. In the long run, watching the news and keeping up with current events will be beneficial.

Indian Economy

This is a vast subject in and of itself. However, the vast majority of the questions posed on this subject are classified as generalised. Yes, unlike IAS exams, candidates should be aware that a few factual questions may be asked. To do so, one must have a firm grasp on fundamental concepts such as GDP, GNP, and PCI. Repo Rate, MCLR, CRR, Unemployment, Recession, Rupee Depreciation/Appreciation, and other topics are among the most frequently asked and should be prioritised.

General Science and Environment

School textbooks from the NCERT or the MP Board can help an aspirant gather the necessary information in General Science. Referring to previous year’s MPPSC question papers can also help candidates with their preparation.

Tips on MPPSC Note Making

  • Create notes on unbound sheets so that they can be revised quickly and kept handy, as well as clipped to reference books.
  • Divide your notes into categories such as history, geography, politics, and economics.
  • Make a list of 5 to 10 features for each news story that is relevant to the syllabus.
  • Give Madhya Pradesh’s local news page some credit.
  • Make a list of 5 to 10 features for each news story that is relevant to the syllabus.
  • Pay close attention to the Madhya Pradesh news page.

Tips on planning the Preparation Strategy for MPPSC

  • Make a detailed schedule that is both realistic and easy to stick to.
  • It is critical to solve MPPSC Practice Papers on a regular basis in order to improve your speed and accuracy.
  • Self-Analysis is something I do every now and then.
  • Before moving on to any other book, you should finish NCERT.
  • Begin studying at least 4 months before the preliminary exam and study thoroughly so that you are prepared for both the preliminary and main exams.
  • For this exam, time management is essential, so stick to a strict schedule.

Best Books for MPPSC Preparation 

To complete all of the sections of the MPPSC Syllabus below, consult the Best Books for the MPPSC Exam.

Current Affairs Newspaper, magazines, Exam Prep feeds
Polity Laxmikanth
Modern History Spectrum, Bipin Chandra
Geography G.C. Leong
General Science Lucent
Ancient and Medieval History RS sharma, Poonam Dahiya
Art and Culture Nitin Singhania
MP Special Exam Prep Notes/ Arihant-Know Your State

MPPSC Preparation FAQs

Name some books that can be referred to while preparing for the MPPSC Exam?

M. Laxmikant’s Indian Polity (4th Edition or 5th Edition), Rajiv Ahir’s Spectrum for Modern Indian History (Latest Edition), McGraw-Madhya Hill’s Pradesh Ek Parichaya, and others are some of the books candidates can consult.

How can I prepare for MPPSC 2022 at home?

MPPSC can be cleared by doing self-study at home with the right strategy and a balanced approach. You can enrol in Online Course, which was created by experts to help you ace your MPPSC exam preparation.

 How should I start preparing for MPPSC?

Applicants must first understand the MPPSC Syllabus before beginning their exam preparations. Also, take more practise tests to get a better understanding of the exam format and types of questions that will be asked. Make a list of topics such as history, geography, politics, and economics.

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