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MPSC Exam Books: Best Subject-wise MPSC Books for Preparation

MPSC Exam Books: The Maharashtra Public Service Commission exam is an annual state-level examination held by the Maharashtra government. MPSC held examinations for a variety of positions. The main focus of an aspirant’s study material and strategy for passing this exam should be on the best study material and strategy.
This exam will be conducted in three stages: preliminary, mains, and final selection based on an interview. After passing the preliminary exam, eligible candidates must take the main exam, after which the MPSC merit list of shortlisted candidates will be released. History, geography, economics, political science, the environment, and current events are the main subjects. The best study material and strategy should be the main focus for passing this exam.

Toppers’ recommended books will assist you in your preparation for a top rank. To begin your preparation, review the MPSC’s most recent syllabus and exam pattern. After that, go over each section of the syllabus and practise the previous year’s papers.

Study materials for MPSC 2022

Toppers recommend the following books for preparing for the MPSC exam:

Name of BooksAuthors
NCERT books – social studies, science and mathematics (class6 to 12)NCERT
Panchayat RajKishor Lavate
Geography of MaharashtraNirali Publication
History of Modern MaharashtraSS Gathal
MPSC CSAT simplifiedDhyandeep Publications
Fundamental of Agriculture Volume 1Kushal Publication
Deepstambh Spardha Pariksha Arthashastra 1Kiran Desale

Subject – Wise Book Lists for Preparation

Books are the most important sources of information for preparing for any exam, and they are the most important sources of information in the competitive sphere. For competitive exams like the MPSC, authentic and standard sources are critical for conceptual clarity.

MPSC books for Prelims Exam

  • For History:
Name of BooksAuthors
Brief History of IndiaSpectrum
Maharashtra State textbooks(class 6 to 12)Maharashtra State Board
India’s struggle for IndependenceBipin Chandra
Aadhunik Maharashtra ItihasAnil Katare
NCERT Textbook for class 12thNCERT
  • For Geography:
Name of BooksAuthors
Bhugol ani ParyavaranA.B. Sawadi
Certificate of Physical geographyG. C. Leong
Oxford student atlas for IndiaMap book of Atlas
  • For Political Science:
Name of BooksAuthors
Indian PolityLakshmikant (available in Marathi as well)
Maharashtra state textbook (class 12)Maharashtra State Board (MSB)
India since IndependenceNCERT
NCERT Textbooks(class 11th and 12th)NCERT
Unique Bhartiya Samvidhan ani Rajyapadhyati part I & IITukaram Jadhav and Mahesh Shirpurkar
  • For Economics:
Name of BooksAuthors
State board books of Class 11th and 12thMaharashtra State Board
Indian EconomyPratiyogita darpan
Indian EconomyRamesh Singh
Bharatiya ArthavyavsthaRajan Kolambe
NCERT books (class 10th,11th,12th)NCERT
Selected chapters of AgricultureDatta and Sundaram
  • For Science:
Name of BooksAuthors
NCERT books (class 8th, 9th, 10th)NCERT
Maharashtra State textbooks (class 8th to 10th)Maharashtra State Board
General ScienceLucent’s
Samanya VighyanSachin Bhaske
  • For CSAT:
Name of BooksAuthors
Quantitative aptitudeR.S. Agrawal
Verbal & Non-verbal reasoningR.S. Agrawal
Loksatta dailyLoksatta
Purtvi MagazinePurtvi
  • For Environment:
Name of BooksAuthors
EnvironmentRajan Kolambo
  • For Current Affairs
  1. Lokrajya Newspaper
  2. Yojana Magazine
  3. Times of India
  4. Loksatta Newspaper
  5. Maharashtra Times
  6. Indian Express

MPSC books for Mains Exam

General Studies – I

  • For History and Geography
Name of BooksAuthors
Adhunik MaharashtraAnil Katare
India’s book for IndependenceBipin Chandra
Bhugol aani bookA.B. Sawadi
Indian HistoryYCMOU
State board History Books (class 11th and 12th)MSB
State board Geography Books (class 9th and11th)MSB

General Studies – II

  • For Indian Constitution, Indian Polity and Law
Name of BooksAuthors
Indian PolityLashmikant
Our ConstitutionSubhas Kasyap
Our ParliamentSubhas Kasyap
Unique Bhartiya Samvidhan ani books part – I & IITukaram Jadhav and Mahesh Shirpurkar
State books of Rajyashastra (class 11th and 12th)Maharashtra State Board
Bare ActP.M. Bakshi

General Studies – III

  • For Human resource development and human rights
Name of BooksAuthors
Manvi Sansadhan Hakka aaniK Sagar Publications
Manvi Sansadhan VikasUnique Publications
Manvi Sansadhan Hakka aaniUnique Publications
Human resource section from Indian EconomyDutta and Sundaram
Human RightsIGNOU
ICMOU’s book——-

General Studies – IV

  • For Science & Technology and Economy
Name of BooksAuthors
Indian EconomyRamesh Singh
Science and TechnologyTata – Mcgraw Hill
Economy DevelopmentDeepstambh
Economy books (class 11th and 12th)NCERT
Bharatiya ArthavyavasthaDeepstambh
Arthavyavastha books (class 11th and 12th)Maharashtra State Board
Economic Survey and Budget of Maharashtra State——–
Science and TechnologySpectrum

With these books, previous year MPSC papers are also very important. To pass this exam, you must practise previous year papers from the last ten years. Candidates needed to be up to date on current events in Maharashtra, in particular.

In addition to these books, MPSC aspirants should also read books by:

  1. Nirali Prakashan
  2. Ranjan Kolambe
  3. S. Chand
  4. Indian Economic Survey
  5. Maharashtra Economic Survey

Preparation Tips For MPSC 2022

The following are MPSC Prelims and Mains preparation tips:

  1. According to MPSC previous year papers, current affairs and general knowledge are very important, and these topics will be covered in the majority of the questions. For current events, you should read the suggested newspapers and keep up with Maharashtra’s current activities.
  2. You must write long answers and essays for the Mains paper, which is descriptive. As a result, ensure that you practise by solving papers.
  3. Conduct mock tests in accordance with Maharashtra’s most recent pattern and guidelines. Solve and practise the previous ten years’ question papers.
  4. Check the official MPSC website, https://mpsc.gov.in/, for updates on the MPSC exam.
  5. Avoid being overburdened by a large number of reference books. You should only read the best and a limited number of books. However, it is critical to efficiently prepare and revise from those chosen books.
  6. Every subject has a wide range of books available. Don’t read every book on a specific topic. Choose the best ones and go over them again and again. Keep your notes brief and revise them on a regular basis.
  7. Revision is crucial, so make sure you do it well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most reliable source for MPSC current events?

Reading newspapers and magazines such as Loksatta, Lokrajya, and Unique Bulletins is the best way to keep up with current events. Yojana and Pratiyogita Darpan can also be read.

What are the best general science books for the MPSC exam?

NCERT textbooks for classes 6 to 12 and a McGraw Hill science and technology book are more than enough to prepare for the MPSC exam in general science.

For MPSC preparation, how many months of current events are required?

Candidates must study current events for a period of 12 months prior to the exam date. Make sure to read all of the facts and figures about Maharashtra.

Is it possible for me to take the MPSC exam in Marathi?

Yes, both English and Marathi will be used in the MPSC exam. You can take the MPSC exam in Marathi if you prefer.

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