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NABARD Grade A Salary 2022: Salary Structure, Salary Slip, In hand Salary, Promotion, Allowance

NABARD Grade A Salary 2022: NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). It was founded on July 12, 1982, as a single development financial institution or Apex-level bank. The Sivaraman Committee proposed the establishment of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development in 1979 to provide credit for rural development. NABARD was established with an initial investment of INR 100 crore.

Applicants interested in applying for the NABARD Grade A position should be aware of the basic details of the NABARD Grade A salary and job profile. NABARD issues official recruitment notices for a variety of positions, with NABARD Grade A being one of them. The NABARD Grade A position is held by the Central Government. The applicants will be able to take advantage of all of the benefits available to all Central Government employees. To get a better idea of the job responsibilities of NABARD Grade A, applicants should familiarise themselves with them. This article contains complete information on the salary, allowances, benefits, and job responsibilities of the NABARD Grade A.

NABARD Grade “A” Salary Structure 2022

NABARD Grade “A” Salary Structure- Consists of a fixed PayScale Salary and a Structure that is declared based on the PayScale level. The Assistant Manager Grade “A” Salary Structure is described in the table below:

The Basic Salary starts at INR 28,150, and allowances are added on top of that.

46600 – EB – 1750 (four years) – 53600-2000 (one years) – 55600 – 28150 – 1550 (four years) – 34350 – 1750 (seven years)

TimingIncrement (Rs)Basic pay (Rs)
For the next four years2000 for one year53600
For the next four years175046600
For the 1st four years155028150
For the next seven years175034350

At the present time, initial monthly gross emoluments are around INR 62,600/-

For the next four years, an increment of INR 1550 is accepted. Furthermore, with a base pay of INR 34350, an annual increase of INR 1750 is accepted for the next seven years and so on. As a result, the average basic pay is INR 55587.

NABARD Grade “A” Pay Scale 2022

This job pays INR 34350-1750 for seven years, 28150-1550 for four years, 53600-2000 for one year, and 46600-EB-1750 for one year (four years). According to Indian government regulations, they are also eligible for Local Compensatory Allowance and Dearness Allowance. Initial monthly gross emoluments are currently around INR 62,600/-.

Job Profile of NABARD Grade A (Assistant Manager)

  • The position of Assistant Manager is the lowest in the managerial hierarchy.
  • The probation period is two years, with the possibility of a one-year extension at the bank’s discretion.
  • Because an Assistant Manager’s job description isn’t specified, it’s clear that he’ll be doing a lot of multitasking.
  • He is responsible for completing any tasks assigned by the Chief General Manager of RO.
  • An Assistant Manager is responsible for implementing various policies and programmes related to agriculture and rural development that are mandated by the federal and state governments.
  • Despite the fact that one could be posted anywhere in India, most postings are restricted to state capitals. Furthermore, home state postings are prohibited by HR policy.

NABARD Grade “A” Allowance and Benefits 2022

  • Family Allowance
  • Dearness Allowance
  • Local Compensatory Allowance
  • House Rent Allowance
  • Grade Allowance
  • Dispensary Allowance
  • Furniture Allowance

Benefits Include

  • Concessive rates of interest on Advance for housing and loans, Education of a child, Car, Personal Computer
  • Students are governed by the clear contribution to the NPS (New Pension Scheme) in extra to the facility of optional and gratuity team term insurance plan.
  • Telephone bills, Newspaper, Book and Magazine, Internet, Allowance for the make of residence, etc. as per capability
  • Leave Travel cession (once in 2 years for self and dependents)
  • The facility of Government of India quarters is also offered at some centres. Or residential place
  • Free Medical Facility. Along with OPD hospitalization/treatment is available, and reimbursement of medical expenses is also available.

Pros and Cons of NABARD Grade A

The NABARD Grade A has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The basic Pros and Cons of the NABARD Grade A job have been discussed below.

NABARD Grade A Pros

  • As your work translates into social service, you have the opportunity to serve society.
  • There isn’t any corruption at all.
  • Only in state capitals and major cities.
  • The office hours are set, i.e. 09.30 a.m. to 17.30 p.m., though you may be required to work outside of those hours if the need arises.
  • NABARD offers a competitive salary and a variety of benefits.
  • NABARD also offers excellent lodging options in almost all cities.

NABARD Grade A Cons

  • Any dynamic role has limited potential because after being assigned to a DDM position, one can only act independently.
  • The workplace has a purely bureaucratic atmosphere.
  • Only a few companies value NABARD experience.
  • In most cases, postings are made in a zone other than the personnel’s own. Employees from North India, for example, are more likely to be assigned to any zone other than North.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages is the mandatory transfer. Furthermore, HR policy prohibits postings in one’s home state.

We can conclude that the positions of Assistant Manager at NABARD offer bright career prospects based on the overall job profile and associated remunerations. Because of the relatively low pressure at NABARD, one can maintain a work-life balance and even pursue further education and higher positions. The most important thing is that as a NABARD officer, you help to bring prosperity to the society and give rural India’s aspirations a boost.

The Training Period of Candidates

Applicants will be on probation for two years after being selected. The bank may, at its discretion, extend the time for applicants to audition for one year. Applicants who have joined the programme are eligible to be posted and transferred anywhere in India.

NABARD Grade A Salary and Job Profile 2022 FAQs

What is the basic pay for NABARD Grade A recruits?

The basic pay for NABARD Grade A recruits is Rs.28,150/- p.m.

What is the pay scale for NABARD Grade A?

The pay scale for NABARD Grade A is Rs 28150-1550(4)-34350-1750(7)- 46600-EB-1750(4) – 53600-2000(1) – 55600.

What are some of the benefits given to NABARD Grade A employees?

House Rent Allowance (HRA), Conveyance Allowance (CA), Medical Allowance, Leave Fare Concession Travel (LFC), Bank Loan Facility, and Pension are some of the benefits provided to NABARD Grade A employees.

What is the Probation period for NABARD Grade A?

The probation period for NABARD Grade A is two years, with the possibility of an extension of one year based on the employee’s performance. In the article above, you can learn more about the NABARD Grade A Salary and Job Profile.

On what grounds are the reimbursements offered to NABARD Grade A employees?

Employees in NABARD GRADE A are eligible for reimbursements for vehicle maintenance, newspaper, Internet, and telephone expenses, book grant, and residence furnishing.

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