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NABARD Grade B Salary: Pay Scale And Perks & Allowances

NABARD Grade B Salary: NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development) is one of India’s most famous banking institutions. The most recent notification for Grade B Managers has been released. According to the announcement from last year, the selected candidates will be paid a monthly base wage of Rs. 35,150/-. They are also eligible for a number of other advantages. In this post, we’ll look at the salary and other advantages that NABARD offers to successful candidates after they’ve been hired. This will keep you motivated and on track with your preparations.

NABARD Grade B Salary Overview

Basic Salary as Per Experience Amount per Month
Basic Starting Salary INR 35,150
Basic Salary After 9 Years INR 50,900 
Basic Salary After 9 + 2 Years INR 54,400 

Dearness Allowance, Local Compensatory Allowance, House Rent Allowance, and Grade Allowance are all available to employees.

NABARD Grade B Salary Structure

The NABARD Grade B exam is used to select the best candidates for Manager positions in the Rural Development Banking Service in Grade B. Candidates who are prepared for the exam can use the table to learn more about NABARD Grade B and other benefits.

Particulars Details
Basic Pay INR 35,150 per month.
Pay-scale INR 35,150 – 1750 (9) – 50,900 – EB – 1750(2) – 54,400 – 2000 (4) – 62,400 (16 years)
Allowances House Rent Allowance, Dearness Allowance, Local Compensatory Allowance, GradeAllowance, etc.
Initial Monthly Gross Emoluments INR 73,600 per month

NABARD Grade B Salary Perks and Allowances

Along with a decent wage, Grade B officers receive various allowances. The following are details on the various types of NABARD Grade B allowances:

  • Family Allowance: Employees in Group ‘B’ are eligible for Family Allowance at a rate of 4% of pay, up to a maximum of INR 700 per month.
  • Medical Allowance: These types of benefits are available to NABARD employees’ dependents.
  • House Rent Allowance: HRA is granted to NABARD officers who are unable to obtain housing through NABARD due to the limited number of units available. In practically every city, there are lodging options. Accommodation is, however, subject to availability.
  • Personal Allowance: Officers in the National Bank’s service as of January 2, 1996, are entitled to a Personal Allowance of INR 550 per month after completing one year of service and reaching the maximum pay tier.
  • Leave Fare Concession: Employees at NABARD are also entitled to a Leave Fare Concession (LFC) allowance. This benefit is available to the employee and their dependents once every two years.
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses, Family Allowance, Grade Allowance, Furniture Allowance, Dispensary Facilities, Interest-free festival advance, Low-interest loans (home, car, education, etc. ), Gratuity perks, and more.
  • Grade B employees are eligible for festival advances, loans, and advances with interest discounts when purchasing a home, autos, or education loans, among other things.
  • Employees in Grade B are also eligible for the New Pension Scheme, as well as gratuity and the Optional Group Term Insurance Plan.

NABARD Grade B Work Hours

At the same time as it’s friendly and collaborative, the atmosphere at NABARD’s workplace is completely bureaucratic. Candidates who are appointed are required to work five days a week, however they are given the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) off. Employees are required to adhere to set office hours, which typically run from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.

NABARD Grade B Officers Job Responsibilities

NABARD Grade B Managers are assigned to rural areas as Lead District Officers and are in charge of monitoring credit flows to agriculture and other priority sectors. NABARD Grade ‘B’ Managers share the following roles and responsibilities:

  • They are in charge of cultivating and sustaining positive consumer relationships.
  • They are in charge of developing and approving bank loans.
  • They are in charge of all of the bank’s accounting procedures.
  • Ensure that the office and its personnel run smoothly.
  • Keeping track of multiple projects at the same time.
  • They are in charge of coordinating with other departments and working on cross-departmental projects.

NABARD Grade B Career Growth & Promotion

After passing the necessary tests and interviews administered by the department, officers of grade B become eligible for promotions. However, in addition to these benefits, employees also receive managerial advancements based on their success within the bank. The following positions make up the subsequent tiers of responsibility, beginning with Manager:

  1. Manager
  2. Assistant General Manager
  3. Deputy General Manager
  4. General Manager
  5. Chief General Manager
  6. Executive Director
  7. Director

NABARD Grade B: Benefits of Joining

  • The employees are obligated to work according to the predetermined schedule.
  • In most of the cities, NABARD maintains high-quality lodging facilities for its customers.
  • Both grade A and grade B employees at NABARD are eligible for a competitive pay as well as a number of generous allowances.
  • Those who are chosen for the position will have the opportunity to contribute to society.
  • Get the opportunity to work in a setting that is clean of corruption.

NABARD Grade B: Probation Period

After passing all of the stages of the examination and achieving at least the minimum score required for the NABARD Grade B Merit List, candidates will initially be employed as Probation Officers for a period of two years. This period of instruction might be extended if necessary by the bank. Candidates that apply during this time will have the chance to learn about the working procedures and any other pertinent information regarding the position during this time. The performance of the officers throughout their time in the probationary period will play a role in the selection process for various roles and places.

Before submitting an application for the NABARD B exam, candidates are required to first verify that they meet the minimal eligibility requirements. Candidates have the opportunity to collaborate with the central government of the associated organisation if they are successful in obtaining the Manager position. Candidates can refer to this page to check on the most recent information regarding the NABARD Grade B exam.

NABARD Grade B Salary FAQs

What is the monthly in-hand remuneration for NABARD Grade B Officials?

The first basic pay for NABARD Grade B staff is Rs. 35,150/-.

What opportunities for advancement and advancement do NABARD Grade B Officials have?

NABARD Grade B officials begin their careers as Assistant Managers and can advance to the position of Director after passing departmental examinations and interviews and meeting specific conditions.

Do NABARD Grade B Managers count as government employees?

NABARD is a government-run organisation. As a result, all of the company’s employees are considered government officials.

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