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NDA Salary Structure 2022: PayScale, Allowances, & Promotions

NDA Salary 2022, perks, and allowances are just a few of the factors that attract thousands of candidates each year. We will try to explain stipends, salary, allowances, promotion avenues, and retirement benefits in the National Defence Academy in this article. You should be aware of the NDA salary as per the 7th pay commission, job profile, increments, allowances, and other perks before taking the exam. For your convenience, all information about the NDA salary structure and positions has been compiled and presented below.

The starting salary for a National Defense Academy and Naval Academy officer is INR 56,100. The NDA salary will be fixed in the first Cell of Level 10 after the successful training. Every applicant should download previous year’s papers and practise them accordingly for better preparation.

With each promotion, the monthly salary of the NDA will rise. The NDA officer will be able to use additional allowances such as Dearness Allowance, Kit Maintenance Allowances, Para Allowance, and so on in addition to his or her salary.

NDA Salary and Job Profile

One of the best ways to join the Indian Defence Services as a Grade-A officer is to take the NDA exam. If you’re taking the NDA 2022 exam, you should know everything there is to know about the NDA salary and job profile. Candidates are drawn to apply for the competition because of the appealing features related to the salary structure. Every year, the UPSC Examination is used to hire employees at the National Defence Academy, also known as NDA. The National Defence Academy and the Indian Naval Academy Course both have vacancies. The revised NDA Salary 2022 as described in the official recruitment notification is discussed below.

NDA Training Stipend

The Joint Training Team welcomes cadets to NDA (JTT). During the three years of training, candidates selected through the NDA exam will be paid a stipend of INR. 56100/- per month (at pay matrix level 10)

Cadets will be paid arrears on account of admissible allowances (as applicable) for the training period, which will not be treated as commissioned service.

NDA Salary Per Month- Rank-wise Payscale

Following the completion of the training with flying colours, the newly commissioned officer’s pay will be positioned in the first cell of Level 10 of the pay matrix. The following table will make it easier to understand the NDA salary per month according to the designation:

Position Pay Scale (Per Month)
Lieutenant INR 56,100/- to INR1,77, 500/-
Captain INR 61,300/- to INR 1,93,900/-
VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG) INR 2,25,000/-
Major INR 69,400/- to INR 2,07,200/-
Lt. General HAG Scale INR 1,82,200/- to INR 2,24,100/-
Colonel INR 1,30,600/- to INR 2,15,900/-
Major General INR 1,44,200/- to INR 2,18,200/-
Brigadier INR 1,39,600/- to INR 2,17,600/-
HAG+ Scale INR 2,05,400/- to INR 2,24,400/-
Lieutenant Colonel INR 1,21,200/- to INR 2,12,400/-
COAS INR 2,50,000/-

The following is a breakdown of the fixed Military Service Pay (MSP):

NDA officers Military Service Pay(MSP)Amount
MSP is paide to the officers from the rank of Lieutenant to BrigadierINR 15,500/- fixed per month

NDA Salary: Allowances

Additional allowances and perks will be provided to candidates in addition to the basic salary that was previously mentioned. Here is a rundown of the specifics:

Allowances Payable Amount
Dearness Allowance Admissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as applying to the civilian personnel from time to time.
Technical Allowance (Tier-I) INR 3,000/- Per Month
Kit Maintenance Allowances INR 20,000/- Annually with Dress Allowances
Project Allowance INR 3,400/- Per Month
Para Jump Instructor Allowance INR 10,500/- Per Month
Special Forces Allowance INR 25,000/- Per Month
Para Reserve Allowance INR 2,625/- Per Month
Para Allowance INR 10,500/- Per Month
Technical Allowance (Tier-II) INR 4,500/- Per Month

NDA Salary: Additional Allowances

Officers of the NDA who are assigned to field areas may be eligible for the following allowances, depending on their rank and the location of their posting:

Field Area Allowances

Field Area Allowance Amount Payable(Per Month)
Field Area Allowance – FD Area INR 10,500/-
Highly Active Field Area Allowance – HAFA INR 16,900/-
Modified Field Area Allowance – Mod FD Area INR 6,300/-

High Altitude Allowances

Candidates who are selected to serve in Siachen are eligible to receive a monthly Siachen Allowance of INR 42,500/-. In a similar vein, National Defense Academy officers who are stationed in high altitude regions are entitled to the following allowances:

Levels Allowance amount
Category-I INR 3,400/- Per Month
Siachen Allowance INR 42,500/- per month
Category-II INR 5,300/- Per Month
Category-III INR 25,000/- Per Month

Counter Insurgency Allowance

Area Amount (Per Month)
Field Area INR 16,900/-
Peace Area INR 10,500/-
Modified Field Area INR 13,013/-

Children Education Allowance:

A sum equal to INR 2,250 per month, per child, for the sole purpose of supporting the two oldest children who are still alive. This benefit is available to students from Kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade.

Hostel Subsidy

A sum equal to INR 6,750 per month and per child, but only for the two oldest children who are still alive. This benefit is available to students from Kindergarten all the way through the 12th grade.

Free Rations

The provision of free rations will be available during the first two stages, including

  • Keep going in the FD Area to all of the Defense Officers.
  • Officers of the military stationed in a peaceful zone.

NDA Salary: Important Points

  • According to the revised pay scale, the Dearness Allowance is increased by 50%.
  • Hyderabad, Patna, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Bangalore, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai, Lucknow, Greater Mumbai, Nagpur, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, Kochi, Kozhikode, Pune, and Kanpur are the cities with the highest TPTA scores.
  • Personnel who already have access to government transportation will not be eligible for the transportation allowance.
  • Officers with a pay level of 14 or higher who are entitled to use the official car are provided with a special facility. These officers will have the option of using a government-provided car or drawing the transport allowance at the rate of INR 15, 750 + DA.
  • Personnel with physical disabilities will continue to be paid at a double rate, with a minimum of INR 2, 250 + DA.

NDA 2022: Additional Benefits in Crisis

Only certain types of mishaps will be covered by the facilities listed below. The mishaps are broken down into two categories: death and disability. The advantages are listed below by category.

In the case of a disability:

  • Ex-gratia payment of INR 9,000 per month on a monthly basis.
    INR 16,200 per month ex-gratia disability award
  • A Constant Attendant is a person who is always present.

In the Case of The death:

  • The NoK will receive an ex-gratia payment of INR 12.5 lakhs.
  • The NoK receives an ex-gratia payment of INR 9,000 per month.
  • Ex-gratia awards to Cadets (Direct)/NOK will be sanctioned solely on an ex-gratia basis and should not be considered a pension in any way.

NDA Salary: Insurance Policies

  • The Army Group Insurance Fund is a compulsory contributory group scheme that offers insurance coverage of INR 15 Lakh upon payment of a one-time non-refundable premium of INR 6,400 for three years paid from the date of joining NDA until the completion of training. This premium is payable from the date of joining NDA until the completion of training.
  • In the event of relegation, an additional premium in the amount of 1,160 Indian Rupees (INR) per relegated term is due immediately upon the occurrence of the event.
  • Those officers who are medically invalidated out of the NDA by the IMB due to a disability and who are not eligible for any type of pension will be given INR 7.5 lakhs as compensation for their 100 percent disability.
  • If you have 20 percent disability, the amount you receive will be reduced to INR 1.5 lakhs.
  • If a person has a disability that is less than twenty percent, they are only eligible for an Ex-Gratia Grant of fifty thousand rupees (INR) for the first year of their training and one hundred thousand rupees (INR) for the final year of their training.
  • The insurance coverage for the Gentlemen Cadets at the IMA is INR 75 lakh, and they are required to make a monthly contribution of INR 5,000. This is done in conjunction with the stipend that they receive (with effect from October 1, 2016, as per maint AGI scheme as an application to regular officers).
  • Those individuals who are invalidated out of the IMA by the IMB due to a disability and are not entitled to any pension will be given INR 25 Lakhs for a disability rating of one hundred percent.
  • Due to the fact that you are 20 percent disabled, the initial amount will be reduced to 5 lakhs.
  • Officers who have a disability that is greater than 20 percent will only receive an ex-gratia payment of 50,000 Indian Rupees (INR) for the first year of their training and 1 lakh Indian Rupees (INR) for the final year of their training.

NDA Salary 2022: Grade Pay

The selected candidates’ base pay and grade pay will be determined according to the position for which they have been chosen. The following table will provide you with information regarding the various NDA Job Profiles as well as the respective Grade Pay for each.

NDA Rank NDA Grade Pay in Rs.
Colonel 8,700/-
Captain 6,100/-
Lieutenant 5,400/-
Major 6,600/-
Brigadier 8,900/-
Lieutenant Colonel 8,000/-
Major General 10,000/-

According to the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission, the starting point for the National Defense Academy Salary in 2022 will be the tenth level of the pay scale. On the other hand, depending on the decision made by the government, it might be changed. Following the conclusion of the examinations, you will be required to participate in physical training. This very last step of the process will have a significant impact on the choice that is ultimately made.

NDA Career Promotions

Candidates can examine the promotions that have been bestowed upon members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force based on their performance and length of service in the table that follows.

Army Air Force Navy Minimum Reckonable Commissioned Service required for Substantive Promotion
Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub Lieutenant On Commission
Captain Flight Lieutenant Lieutenant 02 Years
Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commander 06 years
Lieutenant Colonel Wing Commander Commander 13 years
Colonel(Selection) Group Captain (Selection) Captain (Selection) On Selection
Colonel (Time Scale) Group Captain (Time Scale) Captain (Time Scale) 26 years
Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore On Selection
Major General Air Vice-Marshal Rear Admiral On Selection
Lieutenant General Air Marshal Vice Admiral On Selection
General Air Chief Marshal Admiral On Selection

NDA Salary FAQs

What is the highest salary of an NDA officer regardless of the academy?

After achieving the highest post in the Army, Navy, or Air Force, the highest basic pay is INR 250000/- (2.5 lakhs), and this is the highest amount that can be earned.

Can a female candidate apply for an NDA post?

According to the results of the NDA 1 exam in 2022, there were open positions for female candidates. On the other hand, any new information regarding won’t be available until after the notifications have been distributed.

 How long is the Probation period for the NDA Officers?

The candidates who are ultimately chosen will participate in a training programme that lasts for three years and covers the following services: Academic study and rigorous physical preparation are required of members of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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