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The Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA, is an undergraduate degree programme that focuses on the visual and performing arts. The programme is also known as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), and the study of Visual Arts comprises areas like painting, sculpture, photography, literature, animation, and so on. The study of Performing Arts, on the other hand, includes areas such as dance, theatre, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree frequently requires the individual to select a specialisation area based on his or her interests.

BFA is normally a three to four-year programme that can be completed full-time, part-time, online, or through distance learning, depending on the candidate’s chosen specialisation.

A BFA programme not only educates but also modifies students’ skills, preparing them to become artists in their chosen field. Fine arts graduates have a wide range of career options, including art teacher, writer, fine artist, actor, art director, and many others. Many students nowadays choose a career in Fine Arts not only to make a large salary, but also to obtain fame and reputation.

Aspirants can specialise in subjects that will not only improve their talents and fine-tune their creativity, but will also provide them the opportunity to explore a variety of choices.
Learn about the comprehensive BFA course requirements in terms of skillset, eligibility criteria, course curriculum, and sorts of employment profiles in the sections below.

Overview of Bachelor of Fine Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA, is a three- or four-year study provided by various Indian institutions and universities. Visual arts, performing arts, and fine arts, such as painting, animation, and pottery, are the main topics of study in BFA. The visual arts are the primary focus of the BFA programme. That is why it is sometimes referred to as a Visual Arts course. A bachelor’s degree in fine arts can be pursued as a full-time, part-time, or correspondence programme. The following are some of the most important aspects of the BFA programme.

Course NameBFA
Full-FormBachelor of Fine Arts
Level of BFA Course Undergraduate
Course Duration of BFA3-4 Years
Popular SpecialisationsPainting, Acting, Applied Arts, Animation, Pottery & Ceramics, Digital Arts, Fashion Design, Textile Design etc.
Course Mode of BFAFull-time, Part-time & Distance Mode
BFA Course Fees (Annual)INR 30,000 to INR 3,00,000
Minimum Qualification Required for BFA12th pass or its equivalent qualification
Selection Process for BFAMerit or Entrance-Exam Based
BFA Course StreamDesign
BFA Job ProfilesTextile Designer,Fashion Designer,Fashion Stylist, Visual Merchandiser,Photographer, Fine Artist, Cartoonist etc.
BFA Average Salary (Annual)INR 2,50,000 to INR 10,00,000
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Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Fine Arts

The eligibility standards for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are nearly identical in all Indian schools and universities that offer the programme. BFA The eligibility criteria may change as the institute’s needs change. The eligibility requirements for government colleges have remained mostly unaltered. According to their rules and regulations, private universities may have varied BFA eligibility standards. Students should review the prospectuses of the colleges and institutions to which they desire to apply to learn more about the eligibility requirements. Students who want to pursue a BFA course after finishing class 12 must meet the following requirements:

  • Candidates must have finished class 12 from an Indian board that is recognised.
  • Candidates must have received a minimum of 50% in their class 12 board exam to be considered.
  • Candidates must have completed class 12 with at least one core subject of English or Hindi.
  • There is no upper age limit for the BFA programme.
  • In order to successfully complete the BFA course without any delays or other obstacles, candidates must possess the required skill set as outlined above.
  • The eligibility criteria for a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are detailed in the table below. The table below contains all of the pertinent facts of the BFA programme:
ParameterBFA Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Qualification10+2/ intermediate or its equivalent
Minimum Aggregate Score50% to 60%
Age LimitNo age limit

Admission Process for Bachelor of Fine Arts

The criteria for BFA admissions differ from one college to the next. Some institutes admit students based on their performance in the qualifying exam, such as the 10+2 level, while others have an entrance exam to select the most qualified applicants. The following are a few of the most popular admission examinations for BFA Admissions:

  • Entrance Exam for Delhi University (DUET)
  • National Eligibility and Scholarship Test at Lovely Professional University (LPU NEST)
  • Entrance Exam for NIMS
  • BHU UET, also known as the BHU Entrance Examination, is a university entrance examination held at BHU.

Skills Required for Bachelor of Fine Arts

People who have an artistic bent or an eye for art are more likely to enrol in a BFA programme. Candidates with an artistic attitude will excel in this programme. Candidates learning about many subjects such as visual arts, etc. while completing a BFA programme. Candidates will also get the opportunity to use their creativity and innovative abilities to create new works of art in the sector. The following are some of the crucial qualities that any candidate who want to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and have a successful career as a result of it must possess:

  • Imaginative skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Artistic skills
  • Sketching skills
  • Communication skills
  • Visualization skills
  • Drawing skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Benefits of Pursuing Bachelor of Fine Arts

Candidates with a creative attitude should enrol in a Bachelor of Fine Arts programme. Candidates will have many opportunity to employ their innovative skills to make something unique and original during the BFA programme. A bachelor of fine arts degree can open doors to a variety of opportunities that a candidate may never have considered. Candidates interested in pursuing a bachelor of fine arts degree should be aware that this course is not easy to accomplish, as it demands a great deal of hard work, effort, and attention. Some of the reasons why a candidate should seek a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree are listed below:

  • Enjoyment: Candidates should only enrol in the BFA programme if they have a creative attitude. Learning in a BFA programme is a really creative process. Candidates learn and study a variety of topics that are typically not included in other courses. Candidates who have a genuine interest for art, particularly visual arts, will undoubtedly appreciate this course.
  • Creative Outlet: The BFA course focuses on creativity, and candidates are given a variety of activities that need creative thinking. If candidates possess these qualities, they will be able to follow the BFA programme and make a successful career out of it.
  • Learning New Styles: Candidates who enrol in a BFA programme learn about the history of art as well as the various types of art that were utilised in the past and how they have evolved in the present. Candidates with a deep understanding of art history will undoubtedly be able to increase their understanding of art.
  • Refining Skills: Candidates will get to know a lot of experts and other artistic figures while studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. The connections created during the BFA course will undoubtedly aid applicants in their future career and personal development.
  • Connections: The BFA course is taught in small groups. As a result, candidates have a better chance of receiving appropriate assistance. Candidates can brush up on their existing talents or create new skill patterns essential in this field with the help of the advice.
  • Specialization: The BFA programme is a professional training programme. More than theory, the practical approach is always the main emphasis of study. Candidates will have the opportunity to intern with some well-known visual artists or other zone artists, which will broaden their understanding of the field.
  • Opportunity: Candidates who complete a BFA course degree have numerous career options in industries such as film, cinema, theatre, fashion, teaching, art therapy, arts & culture management, and the entertainment industry.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Fine Arts

The table below illustrates the common subjects as well as the subjects that are included in the organized BFA syllabus.

For First Year

AestheticsPortrait Painting Illustration
History & Appreciation of ArtPainting from full figurePoster Design
Methods & Materials 1Composition PaintingPress Advertisement

For Second Year

Specialization CoursesGraphics PrintmakingMagazine Advertisement
Environmental EducationCompositionComposition B, dimensional, stone, and wood carving
Methods & MaterialsCeramics & MouldsAesthetics 1

For Third Year

Specialization CoursesHistory & AppreciationComposition Painting
Method & Materials 2Life StudyDrawing 3
Aesthetics 2PrintmakingIndian Aesthetic, Portrait Painting

Types of Bachelor of Fine Arts Courses

A variety of BFA degrees are available for those interested in pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts programme. Part-time, full-time, and distance learning modes are among them. Each type of course and its respective BFA colleges are detailed in detail below.

Full-time BFA

Chandigarh University, Amity University, Lucknow University, Dhirendra Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, and others are among the top BFA colleges that provide full-time BFA programmes.

Below is a list of some more excellent institutions that offer a full-time BFA degree programme.

Name of the CollegeAverage Fees (INR)
Banaras Hindu University (BHU),VaranasiINR 2,407
Ecole Intuit Lab – French Institute of Design, Digital & Strategy, MumbaiINR 4,50,000
Sir JJ School of Art, MumbaiINR 75,000
BBK DAV College for Women, AmritsarINR 21,760
CT University, LudhianaINR 41,000
SAGE University, BhopalINR 60,000
GOEL Group of Institutions, LucknowINR 32,000
Alagappa University, KaraikudiINR 9,500

Part-time BFA

The top institutions that offer a part-time BFA programme are listed below:

Name of the CollegeAverage Fees(INR)
Annamalai University, AnnamalaiINR 3,950
Venkateshwara Open University, Arunachal PradeshINR 20,000

Distance Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts is a common Undergraduate degree for students in college. The cost of education is lower, and the incidental costs of purchasing books are lower because the College bears these costs. Because the BFA degree’s course and curriculum are not complicated. It is also available via distance learning for a two-year period.


  • In the 12th Boards, candidates must score at least 45 percent.
  • BFA Distance Education is open to candidates who have completed their 12th grade in any topic.
  • The BFA Distance Education course follows the same curriculum as the normal Bachelor of Fine Arts programme. Students must attend classes at BFA colleges on weekends. The cost of a BFA in distance learning varies between INR 12,000 and INR 25,000.

The following are the top BFA Distance Education colleges:

Name of the CollegeAverage Fees (INR)
Sastra UniversityINR 19,000
NIMS UniversityINR 30,000
MKU University INR 15,000
Himalayan UniversityINR 12,000
Subharti University INR 12,000
Jaipur National University INR 15,000


Working professionals who aspire to complete this degree but are unable to attend a full-time BFA school can benefit from the BFA IGNOU course. IGNOU is a well-known institution for a distant equivalent course.

  • The eligibility criteria are straightforward, such as passing 10+2 in any subject.
  • The IGNOU BFA programme lasts two years.
  • The BFA course at IGNOU costs INR 6,000.

BFA Abroad

BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) courses are referred to as Art and Design in overseas universities. Students can enrol in this course at a number of renowned BFA institutions and universities. The following points will go through the requirements for taking a BFA course overseas.

  • Students should achieve a high percentage on their class 12th or high school examinations and maintain a solid academic record throughout their academic careers.
  • Language proficiency tests, such as IELTS and TOEFL, are important language exams to pass in order to receive admission, with the following minimum grades required: Minimum IELTS score of 6.5, TOEFL score of 90, and PTE score of 61.

Below is a list of some of the best abroad colleges that offer BFA programmes:

Name of the CollegeFees (INR)
Royal College of Art, UK1,89,300
University of Arts, UK15,10,000
Person School of Design, US31,01,100
Rhode Island School of Design, US37,70,000
MIT, US38,91,500
The Glasgow School of Art, UK17,96,000
Pratt Institute, US40,64,330

Specializations in Bachelor of Fine Arts

The BFA programme offers a number of BFA specialties, depending on the student’s interests and career goals. Some of the most well-known specialities include:

BFA Painting

Art history, how to sketch from life, and other topics are covered in the BFA Painting programme. Students are taught several sorts and techniques of sculpting, animation, photography, and printing in addition to the fundamentals of painting.

  • The average fee for BFA Painting is INR 2,00,000
  • A BFA Painting individual’s average pay is INR 3,50,000 LPA.
  • For your convenience, the top colleges that offer BFA Painting are listed here.
Name of the CollegeAverage Fees (INR ) per annum
Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University, Kanpur25,613
Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya(ABVHV), Bhopal9,100
Mangalayatan University (MU), Aligarh25,00
Chandigarh University85,000
RIMT University, Gobindgarh85,000

BFA Applied Arts

BFA Applied Arts is a creative specialisation that teaches the aesthetic value of everyday objects. This BFA degree covers all aspects of item creation, including sculpting, music, and interior design, among others.

  • A BFA in Applied Arts costs around INR 2,00,000 on average.
  • A BFA in Applied Arts earns an average of INR 4,00,000 LPA.

For your convenience, the top universities that offer a BFA in Applied Arts are listed here.

Name of the CollegeAverage Fees (INR) per annum
Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh84,000
Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI), Delhi10,550
MIT World Peace University(MITWPU), Pune1,20,000
Manipal University(MU), Jaipur1,16,500
Government College of Art and Craft, Kolkata997
Noida International University(NIU), Greater Noida62,000

BFA Animation

BFA Animation delves into the various types, methodologies, and other important aspects of animation. It includes, among other things, 3D animation, computer graphics, and character design.

  • A BFA Animation costs around INR 2,50,000 on average.
  • A BFA Animation’s average pay is INR 4,00,000 LPA.

For your convenience, the top colleges that offer BFA Animation are listed here.

Name of the CollegeAverage Fees (INR) per annum
Amity University, Noida1,44,000
Sri Sri University, Cuttack1,41,890
Swami Vivekanand Subharti University(SVSU), Meerut71,000
Shri Vaishnav Vidyapeeth Vishwa Vidyalaya(SVVV), Indore35,000
Chandigarh University (CU), Chandigarh1,37,000

BFA Pottery & Ceramics

A student pursuing a BFA in Pottery & Ceramics will study the fundamentals as well as advanced skills in pottery. Slip casting, mold manufacturing, hand building, and other techniques are among the topics covered.

  • The average fee for a BFA Pottery & Ceramics is INR 1,50,000
  • The average salary of a BFA Pottery & Ceramics Individual is INR 4,00,000 LPA

Below table illustrates the top colleges in India offering BFA in Pottery & Ceramics:

Name of the CollegeAverage Annual Fee (INR)
MIT Art, Design and Technology University, Pune 60,000
Banaras Hindu University (BHU), University3,080
Sir JJ School of Arts (SJJSA), Mumbai 20,000

BFA Textile Design

The BFA in Textile Design curriculum covers a wide range of textile design themes, such as knitting, printing, weaving, and weaving. Color, embroidery, and texture are among the BFA course topics taught in this programme.

  • The average fee for a BFA Textile Design is INR 1,00,000.
  • A BFA Textile Design Individual’s average income is INR 4,00,000.

The table below shows the best colleges in India that provide BFA in Textile and Design.

Name of the CollegeAverage Annual Fees(INR)
Sir JJ School of Arts (SJJSA), Mumbai20,000
International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA), Modinagar
Tatyam School of Design (TSD), Delhi1,37,000

Course Comparison: BFA vs BA

The table below provides an overview of the two most popular courses in this field and highlights the differences between them in the form of a comparison.

Full-Form Bachelors in Fine ArtsBachelor of Arts
Duration2 – 4 years3 years
Distance mode/part-timeYesYes
Course type UndergraduateUndergraduate
Course summaryBFA students learn the fundamentals of visual arts as well as other fine arts topics.Students enrolled in the BA degree are taught a variety of arts and social science areas, as well as liberal arts, language, and scientific courses.
Course Objective The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a vocational foundation programme that prepares students for a number of creative occupations.BA allows students to pursue a variety of areas, from the arts to the social sciences.
Average FeesINR 2,00,000INR 60,000
Employment areasDesign, Film, Education, Animation, Theatre, Painting,and Educational Institutions, to name a few fields.Academic Institutes, Art Galleries, Museums, Retail Sales Executive, Art Liaison Officer, Academic Research Editor, Flash Animator
Average SalaryINR 3 – 6 LPAINR 2.3 – 6 LPA

Job Profiles in Bachelor of Fine Arts

BFA students can choose from a number of job prospects depending on their expertise. In this profession, artists, graphic designers, art directors, musicians, actors, visual artists, screenwriters, animators, cartoonists, and others can all work.

Following is a list of some of the most common BFA job profiles and career options after earning your bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

Job ProfileJob Description
Fine ArtistThe major task of a fine artist is to create artwork using diverse approaches. A fine artist might work in a commercial art studio, design firm, publishing house, or advertising agency, for example, as a painter, sculptor, illustrator, or printer. Fine artists can also work alone and sell their work in galleries.
AnimatorAn animator’s main job is to generate images and visuals for films, video games, books, television, and other forms of media. Animators must still draw their initial drawings by hand, despite the fact that most animation is now computer-generated.
CartoonistCartoonists can work in a range of platforms, such as television, the internet, short films, and movies, in addition to generating their own work.
Graph DesignerA graphic designer typically creates visual designs by hand or with software to represent concepts that both inform and engage people. A graphic designer provides an overall layout and production design for advertisements, periodicals, and brochures.
Art teacherA candidate for the position of art teacher can instruct others in their chosen media. Any Fine Arts field, such as painting or sculpture, can be taught by a candidate. To start a career as a teacher, however, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in education, or B.Ed.
PainterAs a painter, a candidate can create a wide range of artworks, including watercolour paintings, oil paintings, ink wash paintings, acrylic paints, pastel colour paintings, glass paintings, and encaustic paintings. Painters frequently work alone and exhibit or sell their work at art galleries.
Art ConservatorA conservator, often known as an art restorer, is responsible for the preservation and analysis of antiquities and works of art. He’s also in charge of repairing sculptures, paintings, murals, pottery, fabrics, books, historical artefacts, and other sorts of artwork that have been damaged.
Art DirectorArt directors are typically employed after completing a BFA programme with a graphic or multimedia design specialisation. The primary responsibilities of an art director are to oversee the creation of visual and linguistic material through artwork, copy layout, and design. Working for a publishing company or an advertising agency is a frequent job for an art director.

Salary in Bachelor of Fine Arts

The average pay after completing a BFA is between 3 and 6 LPA; however, earnings can vary depending on the role and duties of the job.

Here are a few of the job profiles for a BFA degree, along with their usual salaries.

Job ProfileAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Fine Artist4,00,000
Graphic Designer3,06,000
3D Visualizer 4,80,000

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Is there any financial aid available to students at BFA colleges?

Ans. Yes, certain institutions offer scholarships to students from the SC, ST, and BC communities. Various central government initiatives and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) offer scholarships to BFA students who want financial assistance

Ques. Who is eligible to pursue a BFA?

Ans: Art is a slow-moving self-discovery process. BFA candidates should have an interest in art and creativity, as well as the ability to learn and, more importantly, unlearn.

Ques. What are the requirements for admission to a BFA programme at any Indian college or university?

Ans. Students who want to pursue a BFA course after finishing class 12 must meet the following requirements:
Candidates must have finished class 12 from an Indian board that is recognised.
Candidates must have received a minimum of 50% in their class 12 board exam to be considered.
Candidates must have completed class 12 with at least one core subject of English or Hindi.
There is no age restriction for enrolling in the programme.

Quest. At Amity University, Noida, what is the highest compensation package for a BFA graduate?

Ans. At Amity University, Noida, the maximum pay package for a BFA Individual is 7.5 lakhs.

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