JEE Main 2017 Question Paper

There are both Paper 1 and Paper 2 JEE Main 2017 Question Papers available. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) administered JEE Main 2017 in both CBT and pen and paper formats for the final time. On April 2, 2016, the exam was administered using pen and paper, and on April 8 and 9, it was administered using a computer. Paper 1 of JEE Main 2017’s two exams was given both offline and online. Candidates had to take Paper 2 in pen and paper format. Each paper had a time limit of 3 hours, or 180 minutes. The JEE Main 2016 Question Paper’s three available languages were English, Hindi, and Gujrati (in particular areas). One-fourth of a mark was subtracted for each incorrect response. The exam’s question bank was moderately challenging.

Question Papers of JEE Main 2017

Paper/SubjectExam DateSlot/SessionQuestion Paper
B.E/B.TechApril 2, 2017Offline – Code ACheck Here
B.E/B.TechApril 2, 2017Offline – Code BCheck Here
B.E/B.TechApril 2, 2017Offline – Code CCheck here
B.E/B.TechApril 2, 2017Offline – Code DCheck here
B.E/B.TechApril 8, 2017OnlineCheck here
B.E/B.TechApril 9, 2017OnlineCheck here
B.ArchApril 2, 2017Offline – Code WCheck here
B.ArchApril 2, 2017Offline – Code XCheck here
B.ArchApril 2, 2017Offline – Code YCheck here

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Is NCERT enough for the chemistry portion of the JEE mains?u003cbr /u003e

Ans. For JEE Mains Chemistry preparation, NCERT books are extremely helpful. But it is not enough.u003cbr /u003eThe part with the highest scores is inorganic chemistry. And NCERT books are a requirement for this section. In previous years, NCERT-approved questions were included. But you should also read your textbooks and class notes.u003cbr /u003eNCERT is insufficient for Physical and Inorganic Chemistry. In order to have a strong command of these sections, you must practise a lot. Go through the NCERT for these sections, make notes for key passages, and complete practise exercises.

Ques. How do I get a 250 on the JEE Mains?u003cbr /u003e

Ans. You must use wise preparation methods if you want to achieve a JEE Main score of 250 or more. Utilize your time wisely and revise each section thoroughly. For a thorough understanding of the subject, you must solve two papers per day.u003cbr /u003eFor the JEE Mains, chemistry scores quite well. You must strive for a 90–100 overall score.u003cbr /u003eNCERT is sufficient for Physical Chemistry.u003cbr /u003eYou must practise in order to perform well in math. You can easily achieve a high grade if you put in the extra effort. For JEE Mains, the coordinate geometry section has a high passing rate.u003cbr /u003eIt can be challenging to achieve a physics score of 70 to 90. Learn to use shortcuts and tricks to finish the task faster. You can study NCERT to understand physics concepts, and books like HCV can help you solve problems.

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