Best Books for JEE Main 2024

Best Books for JEE Main 2024: Passing an exam with more than 11 lakh candidates calls for a well-thought-out study plan and the best materials. It’s difficult to prepare for JEE Main, and candidates frequently aren’t sure which books to rely on for success. Buying the best books for JEE Main 2024 preparation requires consideration of the following advice:

  • Your set of books must contain precise information for concept development and questions of varying degrees of difficulty. Check JEE Main Syllabus for 2024
  • Choose the most recent editions and make sure they adhere to the most recent JEE Main 2024 Exam Pattern.
  • Your top priority should always be NCERT textbooks.
  • It is advised to avoid purchasing too many books at once. Be sure to only use a few trusted sources, and plan accordingly.
  • Make sure your books contain JEE Main previous year question papers and solved-unsolved sample papers.

Best Books for JEE Main – Chemistry

List of Preparation Books for Organic Chemistry

In particular for beginners, organic chemistry is very broad and could be a little challenging. Special consideration should be given to the queries regarding reaction mechanisms. The best books for JEE Main Chemistry section preparation are:

Authors /Publisher Name of Books
O.P. Tandon Organic Chemistry
J.D March Organic Chemistry
Paula Bruice Yurkanis Organic Chemistry
Bahal & Bahal Organic Chemistry
Arihant Prakashan Organic Chemistry
I. L. Finar Organic Chemistry Volume 1
Solomons Organic Chemistry
Peter Sykes Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry by MORRISON & BOYD Organic Chemistry
M. S. Chauhan Concept of Organic Chemistry

List of Preparation Books for Inorganic Chemistry

Even the brightest students still struggle with inorganic chemistry. The following list of essential books for inorganic chemistry includes:

Authors /PublisherName of Books
NCERTChemistry XI & XII
O.P. TandonInorganic Chemistry
J.D. LeeInorganic Chemistry


  • J. D. Lee’s book is called Concise Inorganic Chemistry. This book will show you how to understand the material instead of just memorizing it.
  • Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced) by OP Tondon is a great book for math problems.

List of Preparation Books for Physical Chemistry

In Physical Chemistry, it’s easy to understand the ideas, and the key is to figure out how to solve the math problems. For a better understanding of Physical Chemistry, here are some of the best books for preparing for the JEE Main:

Authors /Publisher Name of Books
O.P. Tandon Physical Chemistry
Ebbing General Chemistry
P.Bahadur(G.R.Bathla & Sons) Numerical Chemistry
R.C. Mukharjee Numerical Chemistry
P.W.Atkins Physical Chemistry
Bruce H. Mahan University Chemistry
NCERT Chemistry XI, XII


  • This is a book by RC Mukherjee called Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations. This is the best book to help you do well in Physical Chemistry problems with numbers.
  • P. Bahadur’s Numerical Chemistry, 22/e, is out now. Several top-ranked people say that you should read this book.

JEE Main Preparation Books for Mathematics

Math is often thought to be the most difficult subject on entrance exams, and not just for JEE Main Preparation. It is important to know how theorems were found and what people thought when they came up with certain conventions and ideas. So, studying math theory is also very important because it helps you understand the ideas better.

Students must start with the school-level books to learn the basics and then move on to the advanced-level books to learn more. To do well in this subject, you need to practice and think of new ways to solve problems.

Name of the book and author Book will be best for Authors/Publishers
Objective Mathematics Basics of every topic R D Sharma
Plane Trigonometry Trigonometry S L Loney
The Elements Of Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry S L Loney
Algebra Algebra Dr S K Goyal Arihant Publications
Play with Graphs For solving problems Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
Differential Calculus Calculus Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
Integral Calculus Calculus Amit M Agarwal (Arihant Publications)
Complete mathematics for JEE Main For an explanation of topics TMH

Below is a list of books that are recommended for the mathematics section of the JEE Main.

List of Preparation Books for Calculus

Name of the Books ISBN No.
Differential Calculus for IIT-JEEby Amit Agarwal 8188222208
Calculus and Analytic Geometry by Thomas and Finney 818501552X
Integral Calculus for IIT-JEEby Amit Agarwal 9351761436
Problems in Calculus of One Variable byI. A. Maron 9351762599

List of Preparation Books for Trigonometry, 2D & 3D Geometry, Vector Algebra

Name of the Book ISBN No.
Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEEby SK Goyal. 9351761401
Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by TMH Publication 1259003744
Algebra for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publication 935141843X
Trigonometry for JEE Main & Advanced by Arihant Publications 9351418464
Vectors & 3D Geometry by Arihant Publications 9351761452
Higher Algebra 4th Edition By Hall and Knight 1259003744

List of Preparation Books for PnC, Probability

Name of the BookAuthorISBN No.
Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications Vol I and II for JEE Main & AdvancedWilliam Feller8126518065

JEE Main Preparation Books for Physics

In Physics, the key to solving hard problems is to have a good grasp of basic ideas. It is very important to know how to solve math problems. Mechanics and electromagnetics problems, in particular, need a lot of attention.

Here are some of the best books on key topics in physics:

Authors /Publisher Name of Books
H.C.Verma Concepts of Physica Vol I and II
R. P. Feynman Feynman Lectures on Physics
I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics
A. A Pinsky Problems in physics
Krotov Aptitude Test Problems in Physics
Nelkon and Parker Advance physics
Arihant Publications Objective questions on physics by D.C. Pandey
Halliday, Resnick & Walker Fundamentals of Physics
L. A. Sena A collection of questions and Problems in Physics

Best Books for JEE Main 2024 for B. Arch 

There will be questions from three areas on the JEE Main B. Arch Paper: aptitude, mathematics, and drawing. Some of the best books for the math section have already been listed. However, the following books can help you do well in the other sections:

  1. Architecture Entrance Book by P.K. Mishra.
  2. Steps to Architecture: B. Arch (NATA/JEE) Main Exam Guide by Nimish Madan
  3. NATA & B. ARCH Complete Self Study Material by Ar. Shadan Usmani
  4. B. Arch/ B. Planning Aptitude Test for J.E.E. (Main) – SC Garg
  5. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book by R.S. Aggarwal
  6. A Complete Self Study Guide for B.Arch 2024 Entrance Examination (English) by P.K Mishra, Arihant Publications

How should I choose the right book for JEE Main Preparation?

Aspirants should make sure to keep the following things in mind when choosing books for JEE Main preparation:

  • The language that is easy to understand: The book that the applicant chooses should be simple to read and understand. Fancy or hard-to-understand words can cause confusion and make it hard for students to understand.
  • Use of pictures: People tend to learn and understand things faster when they see them than when they read them. So, a book with pictures will make it easy to understand the ideas.
  • Accurate: JEE Main is a big entrance exam, and there are a lot of ways to prepare for it. Candidates should make sure the book they choose is correct.
  • Syllabus-focused: Make sure that the book a candidate chooses is related to the JEE Main 2024 curriculum. For studying, you shouldn’t read books at random.

Best Books for JEE Main 2024: FAQs

Should I refer to multiple books for JEE Main Preparation?

Candidates for JEE Main in 2024 are asked not to use multiple books but only the “most important” ones that cover all concepts and questions with worked-out examples.

What if I rely only on NCERT Books for JEE Main Preparation?

One needs to know how many questions from NCERT books are asked in each subject. If a student only studies NCERT, it is certain that he or she will get around 60% in Chemistry, 21% in Physics, and 89% in Mathematics. So you need to know that you need to keep NCERTS at the top for Chemistry and that Math is only for understanding the big ideas.

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